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Enfrosun Power is a leading solar rooftop company with expertise in installing solar rooftop solution across industries, commercial and residential buildings. With experience of installing over 1000 kW projects and another 1500 kW under execution we offer very optimized designs, faster execution and best cost across other companies

We Offer Subsidy on Solar Plant Commissioning

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Solar Investments are subject to government's nation building policies and subsidies. Thus an investment in solar is a secured and assured return investment.

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We have been allocated 4 MW Solar Projects of size up to 25 KW from Solar Energy Corporation of India to install Rooftop Projects across below mentioned categories

Completed over 90 high quality projects for various Industries, across india and Internationally 16 countries.

S.NO Category Coverage of Buildings
(i) Residential All Type of residential buildings
(ii) Institutional Schools, health institutions including medical colleges & hospitals, universities, educational institutions etc. (Applicable to not-for-profit registered organizations only)
(iii) Social Sector Community centers, welfare homes, old age homes, orphanages, common service centers, common workshops for artisans or craftsman, facilities for use of community, Trusts/ NGOs/Voluntary organizations/ Training institutions, any other establishments for common public use etc. (applicable to not-for-profit registered organizations only)
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